Fresh Upholstery Cleaning in Tamworth

Good As New

Because you don’t tread dirty shoes over upholstery like you do on the carpet, it may be less obvious how important it is to have it cleaned. However, your furniture accumulates dust, allergens and other pollutants from everyday use. Restore the vitality of your furniture with our effective upholstery treatments.

Get a Steam Clean

Just as steam has a powerful effect on your carpets, it also does wonders on your upholstery. Using steamed water, we can freshen the appearance and smell of your curtains and padded furniture.

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Attachments for Any Job

Because each furnishing in your home or commercial premise has a different shape and material, we take care to use the appropriate attachment for the job. With our specialised equipment, we can reach down the crevices of your sofa or up to the top of your tapestry.

Custom Treatments

Not all of your upholstery will call for the same treatment. Delicate or light coloured fabrics will require unique attention as opposed to rough dark material. For each piece of furniture, we will apply a custom treatment that improves the quality of the upholstery without damaging a single stitch.

Restore the original freshness of your upholstered furniture by consulting with Wayne today.

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